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Hal Deant Galleryhotwirefoamfactorycom
Craft_SCHOOL_tramsden_03 Craft_SCHOOL_tramsden_02 Craft_SCHOOL_tramsden_01
Hal Deant Galleryhotwirefoamfactorycom
Model_OTHER_chrisl_02. Model_OTHER_chrisl_03. Model_OTHER_chrisl_04 Model_OTHER_chrisl_05
... VDrogerbc galleryhotwirefoamfactorycom ...
Suggested tools/materials for this project:
Craft_SCHOOL_heatherw_01 Craft_SCHOOL_heatherw_02
Just about the time we got rocking on the building and carving with Hot Wire tools, the weather changed on us and this being an outside project, ...
The idea for this project was a simple mountain range and ever since I bought the Hot Wire Foam Factory Freehand Router, I knew that this was the ultimate ...
Craft_SCHOOL_fillmoremissions_01 Craft_SCHOOL_fillmoremissions_02 Craft_SCHOOL_fillmoremissions_03 Craft_SCHOOL_fillmoremissions_04 ...
foam statue roughs to finish
Suggested tools/materials for this project:
The diorama is mostly made using foam board, more specifically the base is made from extruded polystyrene from Bunnings in Australia.
California Mission Project
This is my VERY FIRST sculpture project with foam, using my Hot Wire Foam Factory tools and supplies – a life-size gargoyle with a wingspan of about 8 feet, ...
DIY Terrarium Enclosure and Reptile Habitat
Last year, I had a tall, ball-topped obelisk tombstone blow over in a sudden windstorm. The joints that were glued with Foam Fusion and reinforced with the ...
All Purpose Foam Coat
Suggested tools/materials for this project:
By Andrew and Sheryl James
Halloween haunt castle
Now it's time to paint your project! I start with a layer of watered-down dark paint. Make sure to paint everything including the back and bottom because ...
Katherine England Lightweight Garden Sculpture Online Course
Suggested tools/materials for this project:
Art_sculpting_AnthonyR2_07. Art_sculpting_AnthonyR2_09
Suggested tools/materials for this project:
Superman Foam Sign Batman Foam Sign ...
Suggested tools/materials for this project:
pterodactyl skull
Molding for concrete canoe
Suggested tools/materials for this project:
Suggested tools/materials for this project:
Craft Engraver Kit
Model_MG_tomy_01 Model_MG_tomy_02 Model_MG_tomy_03
Suggested tools/materials for this project:
Department 56 sculpting mountains
Large projects can take days to a week to paint depending on how fine of detail I add. The photo with the crabs above shows the background submerged in ...
D-Day miniature gaming terrain
Suggested tools/materials for this project:
Smaug cosplay
Girls viking helmet for cosplay
Sign Maker's CNC
foam cave and rock face
Holi_HAL_roberth_01 Holi_HAL_roberth_02 Holi_HAL_roberth_03 Holi_HAL_roberth_04
This project was the redesign of a Mardi Gras Queen's Float. The crown stands at 3.5 foot tall and 9 foot wide accompanied by 10 panels of filigree all made ...
DIY Gun Case Tutorial
Making a Department 56 display
DIY Halloween village
... textures
Elephant sculpture for wedding
HWFF: What is your crown jewel project, and do you have photos?
The project took about 40 hours and was done in 3 weeks. This project would have been significantly more difficult and taken much longer to complete without ...
Suggested tools/materials for this project:
Craft 3-In-1 Kit
Hot wire Model railroad
creating a foam base for tombstones
Foam RC Model Airplane Prototype
shaping surfboard
Holi_HAL_shawnm_04. Holi_HAL_shawnm_06 Holi_HAL_shawnm_05
Model_VD_kevinb_01 Model_VD_kevinb_02 Model_VD_kevinb_03
Model_RR_warners_07 Model_RR_warners_08 Model_RR_warners_09
make your own reptile habitat
Bronze effects in sculpture
foam blocks
Suggested tools/materials for this project:
Create your own mosiac
clay heart tutorial
Massive Railroad display
Prop_vbs_glorygang_02 Prop_vbs_glorygang_03 Prop_vbs_glorygang_04 Prop_vbs_glorygang_05 Prop_vbs_glorygang_06 Prop_vbs_glorygang_07 Prop_vbs_glorygang_08 ...
The rest was painted with acrylic paints left over from other projects.
Model_RR_harveyw_01 Model_RR_harveyw_02 Model_RR_harveyw_03 Model_RR_harveyw_04 Model_RR_harveyw_05
Model_RR_brucea_a01 Model_RR_brucea_a02 Model_RR_brucea_a03 Model_RR_brucea_a04
Make your own foam signs Build your own signs ...
Slice of life engraving
Prop_set_mtnotredame_06 Prop_set_mtnotredame_07 Prop_set_mtnotredame_08
Making base with Hot Wire tables
The finished bakery backdrop Prop_vbs_juliar_02
Suggested tools/materials for this project:
Using a projector for sculpting projects
Foam Dinosaur