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Still playing around with Caspers design a bit tamsocs casper oc
Still playing around with Casper's design a bit #tamsocs #casper #oc #ocs #drawing
The evolution of Casper, these aren't even all the redesigns #tamsocs
Loser on Instagram: “Aaaaand another Casper redesign, this is the last one, I swear 😅 (maybe) #casper #tamsocs”
I can be cool I swear
tired by Tamaytka I don't know about this one.
#tamsocs #scar #casper
I can be cool I swear Character Inspiration, Character Art, Character Design, Pretty
Carrot is horrified #tamsocs #casper #carrot Old Art, Watercolor Drawing, Types
Character Creation, Character Concept, Character Art, Character Design Inspiration,
Ilustración Digital, Arte De Personajes, Arte De Anime, Dibujos Geniales, Dibujos Hermosos
Dorks #tamsocs #sketchbook #ocs #doodle #sketch #drawing
ihairii: “These are @tamaytka adorable ocs Scarlett and Casper and I drew them
Tamaykta Drawing Reference Poses, Body Reference, Drawing Tips, Art Reference, Character Design
Ocs by Tamaytka
Female Halfling Human Rogue Ranger Fighter Fantasy Character Design, Character Concept, Character Art,
Берешь и Рисуешь
Both Casper and Scar are terrible cooks but they still enjoy cooking together. Aaron is tragically one of their many victims, forced to endure the burnt ...
A drawing created using Paint Tool SAI of a sick girl in hospital clothing.
Digital art
Cartoon Sketches, Drawing Sketches, Art Drawings, Drawing People, Art Studies, Character
Oc Drawings, Cartoon Drawings, Cartoon Art, Drawing Sketches, Drawing Tips, Pretty
I can't draw digitally for some reason .-. I have a digital art block, I don't know if that's a thing but I have it.
Pin by Nala on Tamaytka stuff in 2019 | Pinterest | Drawings, Art drawings and Art
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Ok, I think Kyle might be my favourite character. My heart broke when he shaved his hair, but I still love #kylebroflovski #fanart #southpark
Jacksepticeye by Tamaytka
Character Design References. Character Illustration. Amazing Drawings, My Drawings, Cartoon Drawings, Amazing Art, Pretty Art, Cute
New nose style, inspired by Tamaytka style, Idk if it'll stay exactly like this, probably not, but I just like it. (Art by @CierraPicou )
Shiloh-Chan~ ^^
< <
Drew this a few days ago, art has been sorta hard with school and stuff happening, but I'll start posting regularly again soon hopefully (also I'm so sorry ...
Furry Wolf, Furry Art, Furry Girls, Character Art, Character Design, Furry
18.4 mil curtidas, 128 comentários - Loser (@tamaytka) no Instagram: “Casper is such a mum sometimes #tamsocs”
stalker duck by Tamaytka
Tammy's Character Design competition Hello! so I've never hosted something like this before
Casper :0 by Tamaytka
Loser on Instagram: “New video should be up soon :) #tamsocs”
Tekentips, Teken Naslagwerk, Tutorials Over Digitaal Schilderen, Jongen Kunst, Tekens, Hoe
Loser on Instagram: “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 33k AHHH I can't believe I only noticed it now, I'm so blind 😅 thank you so so much! It means a lot, ...
Boy Drawing, Drawing Tips, Drawing Stuff, Drawing People, Character Art
Aww, Jack is being such a good day/big brother to Sam. So cute!
South Park doodle page :P #southpark #fanart #tamssketchbook #sketchbook # South
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tamaytka: I haven't drawn jacksepticeye fan art in a while. Ahhhh I missed drawing his grassy green hair :'D
Character Design · https://ambrillon.tumblr.com/tagged/my-stuff Beautiful
24.4k Likes, 238 Comments - Loser (@tamaytka) on Instagram: “
the world's greatest criminal mind
Aaron and Casper by Tamaytka
Final design by Tamaytka
Image about boy in Anime by Elen_pich on We Heart It
Drawing Tips, Art Sketches, Character Art, Character Design, Art Inspo, Marker
Abd Illustrates | Cartoon Art | Pinterest | Illustration, Character art and Art
Greedling }:)) by Tamaytka
Loser on Instagram: “Late night snack ;D also its pretty much impossible to wake casper up once he's asleep. Im trying to work on backgrounds, ...
#cancelsouthpark #butters #SouthPark #fanart
after hours by Tamaytka
14.3k Likes, 94 Comments - Loser (@tamaytka) on Instagram: “
I'm going to miss this show by Tamaytka
Tamaytka Nova Serie, Sketchbook Inspiration, Drawing Lessons, Character Drawing, Character Design References
Images by tamaytka
image Disegno Del Personaggio, Design Del Personaggio, Disegni Simpatici, Disegni Animati, Suggerimenti
now time for an oc art dump :3
Art by Tamaytka
Maple Witch Girls Characters, Fantasy Characters, Simple Character, Fantasy Character Design, Comic
trident pose - Google Search
Image result for tamaytka sketchbook Character Art, Character Design, Beautiful Drawings, My Drawings
Images by tamaytka
78 best Tamaytka images on Pinterest in 2018 | Character Design, Drawing ideas and Ideas for drawing
Tamaytka Sketchbook Tour, Pretty Art, Cool Drawings, Drawing Sketches, Character Art,
tamaytka: “scribblexity: “I drew one of @tamaytka 's ocs (
Awesome drawing by Tamaytka
when there is never enough Leo, his hair is just so fluffy and I want to draw more aaaa
This is me in a nutshell Happy on the outside Miserable on the inside
Facial Expressions, My Hero Academia, Anime Art, Bodies, My Arts, Character
Character Inspiration, Character Art, Character Design, Designs To Draw, Drawing Designs,
Art Friend, Cute Drawings, Poster, Art Tips, Cartoon Art, Human Art
@tamaytka IG
pinterest- tea_catnip << Thr artist is Greywick Character Art, Character
hihihihi I'm Tam and I draw and stuff.
tiny drawin of bo .
'Earth' Character Design by me, EmeraldKiara (check me out on Instagram,
Art Tips, Character Art, Character Design, Cool Art, Nice Art, Human
Broganes Boyfriends, Hugs, Form Voltron, Voltron Ships, Voltron Klance, Voltron Force
"Dear Mr/Ms. [Surname], 'We are pleased to inform you that you have … #random #Random #amreading #books #wattpad. "
Inspired by @tamaytka art on ig ||| @SillicaSummer22 ||| ig: @sillica_summer
Old Character Redesigns - CORE by ABD-illustrates
I can be cool I swear
aarons character thing, Im planning on doing one for all my ocs :D AHHHHH
Just sketching. #sketch_daily #drawingpractice #inksketch #noreference #pensketch Art Drawings,
Loser on Instagram: “Late night snack ;D also its pretty much impossible to wake casper up once he's asleep. Im trying to work on backgrounds, ...
Last one I promise, I'm off to sleep #creek #southpark #fanart #tweektweak #craigtucker
Ugh I love this Fursuit, Art Sketches, New Art, Design Art, Character
squeedge art Mystic, Cool Art, Character Design, Cool Artwork, Character Design References
Hogwarts Ravenclaw Student Dragon Heartstring, Ravenclaw, Character Art, Character Design, Sycamore Wood
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art by cryptidw00rm
Ayy sketchbook page, first time I finished one in a while BUT KMGOGMKDJAJA ANYONE WHO WATCHED YURI ON ICE SEEN THE LATEST EP I SCREAMED ...