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Mrs McLean wearing her infamous hope diamond Harry
Mrs. McLean wearing her infamous hope diamond. Harry Winston acquired it in 1947 and eventually donated it to the Smithsonian. The most beautiful diamond ...
Evalyn McLean (c. 1914) wearing the Hope Diamond
Evalyn Walsh McLean, early 1910's, wearing the Hope Diamond on her necklace. She owned it for 36 years.
Hope diamond.jpg
Hope Diamond
Anniversary setting for the Hope Diamond celebrating the donation of this famous stone to the Smithsonian. The diamond will wear its new evening dress for ...
Evalyn Walsh McLean and the Hope Diamond
Printed in National Geographic, December 1950 Caption: By drawing lots, Mrs. Thomas
Hope Diamond
Evalyn Walsh McLean by George Stuart, photo courtesy of the collection of George Stuart Historical
L'un des plus gros diamants va être vendu aujourd'hui. Hope DiamondVintage ...
Cartier Expo Paris Grand Palais Hope Diamond Grand Palais Paris, Hope Diamond, Cartier,
'The Mclean Diamond' is on Mrs. McLeans ring finger. She is also wearing 'The Hope Diamond'.
Photo: Pt-Globe Photos Inc. Evelyn W Mclean Wearing the Hope Diamond Hope
Hope Diamond Hope Diamond, Diamond Mines, Diamante Hope, Colored Diamonds, Blue Diamonds
Hope Diamond
Hope diamond new setting Hope Diamond, Rihanna Diamonds, Royal Jewelry, Gems Jewelry,
Blue Diamonds
Hope Diamond in the National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC.
Health | Yahoo Lifestyle. Hope DiamondRoyal ...
Photo: Harris and Ewing-Globe Photos Inc. Evelyn W Mclean Wearing the Hope Diamond
The Blue Magic Diamond ring, cut from the Hope Diamond, belonging to King Louis
The Hope Diamond Hope Diamond, Glam Closet, History Museum, Royal Jewels, Historian
'The Mclean Diamond Ring' - Mrs. Evalyn Mclean had it made into a
Hand that held history - Harry Winston. The 125.35 carat emerald cut Jonker diamond is
The Hope Diamond Chain: Museum of Natural History, Washington D.C.
The Hope Diamond
Le Hope Diamond d'Harry Winston http://www.vogue.fr
Anillo Cullinan IX - Picasa Royal Family Portrait, Meghan Markle, Her Majesty The Queen
Hillel Steinberg on Instagram: “The Hope Diamond at the National Museum of Natural History #hopediamond #jewellery #jewel #diamonds #smithsonian ...
The Hope Diamond with case lights turned on
Cubic zirconia replica of the Tavernier Blue
Womens Two-Tone Pink Blue Ribbon Hope Diamond Jewelry Rings creative ring
Before the Hope Diamond was gifted to the Smithsonian, it resided at the store! Here is someone trying it on as my Uncle Richard puts the bauble on her.
The hope diamond as it was worn last by Mrs. Evalyn McLean
Hope Diamond Smithsonian.jpg
Spectators gazing at the Hope Diamond seen from the rear in its case at the National Gem Collection of the Smithsonian Institution
Registered Mail package used to deliver the Hope Diamond to the National Museum of Natural History
Hope Diamond Presentation
Fast Facts: Hope Diamond 45.52 carats VS1 Dark blue in color Size: 21.78 mm wide, 25.60 mm long, 12.00 mm deep After exposure to ultraviolet light it ...
George IV of the United Kingdom
The Hope Diamond prior to being put in its new setting at the National Gem Collection
Jill Ciraldo and Grace Flynt are admiring the McLean Jewel Collection at the establishment of Harry
The Hope Diamond Today- has always had an intriguing background. One of its more mysterious aspects is that it phosphoresces red when exposed to ultraviolet ...
Both Ned McLean and his pretty wife are quite young, and in a way unsophisticated, although they were born and reared in an atmosphere of wealth and luxury.
Fiery diamond close-up
A French connection had been suspected for the Hope, but the new study shows just how it would have fit inside the larger French Blue Diamond and how that ...
The Hope Diamond Today- has always had an intriguing background. One of its more mysterious aspects is that it phosphoresces red when exposed to ultraviolet ...
Marie Antoinette before her public execution by guillotine on Place de la Révolution, on October 16, 1793
Harry Winston Inc. of New York City purchased Mrs McLean's entire jewelry collection including the Hope diamond from her estate in 1949
The Extraordinary History of the Hope Diamond
The Black Orlov diamond has a less-than-sparking past (Photo by Bruno
Lead cast of the "French Blue" diamond, discovered in 2007 at the National Museum of Natural History (France) by Farges (ca. 31 × 26 mm)
Star of the East with the Hope Diamond
blue Diamond and was beheaded
Is That Infamous Marie Antoinette Quote You Know a Myth?
A very young Mrs Evalyn Walsh
David L. Wolper and the Hope Diamond
George IV of the United Kingdom.jpg
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The Orlov Diamond — Relic of a Failed Romance
The famous diamond's demons seem to have been scared off. Like the Hope Diamond, this one seems to be currently be "curse-free."
The famous Wittelsbach Blue Diamond, brought into the Wittelsbach family by Maria Amelia of Austria
The Koh-i-Noor Diamond — Gentlemen Beware
The Regent Diamond — The Pawned Pitt Diamond
The Curse of the Hope Diamond Movie Poster
The Cullinan Diamond I — The Star of Africa Diamond
Hope Diamond Presentation
Four Chilling Tales of Curses and Their Aftermath
Marie Antoinette with her children
The Blue Diamond — A Source of Mystery
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'South Park' Hits the Natural History Museum, Aims for the Hope Diamond · '
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Dr. George Switzer with Hope Diamond
Hope Diamond
David L. Wolper with the Hope Diamond at National Museum of Natural History
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There is speculation that George's wife, Caroline of Brunswick, may have helped procure the diamond for the British monarch, but records are lacking.
Historic Findings in the Smithsonian's Curators Reports