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Double standard bs from Republikkkans H A T E M O N G E R
Double standard bs from Republikkkans!
The double standard is staggering
Fearmongering Hatemongering tRump Republikkkans Bullshit, Dumb And Dumber, Donald Trump, Presidents, Facts
Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, The Devil, Satan. As far as I know, the devil hasn't brought out a book. We don't know his side of the argument.
tRump's fear+ hatemongering is exactly, why his WhiteSupremist Republikkkan base feel emboldened to attack +
Republikkkan Selective Memory... Hateful Donnie inciting Violence!!! Caricatures, Trump
This is an ATTACK on Democracy and the Constitution by criminal Republikkkans!
Lying Republikkkans want to STEAL Seniors / Veterans EARNED Social Security / Medicare Benefits to pay
The face of Sarah Huckabee Sanders when she realizes the lie she told last week contradicts the lie she wants us to believe today.
Unpatriotic Republikkkan Fascist sell outs!
Black Gossip, Black Pride, Black Power, Double Standards, Black History, Native
Sean Hannity, another Republikkkan Mooching Hypocrit... blaming others for what he is doing!!!
President Trump is being criticized after refusing to join other presidents at former President George H.W.
See how that works. Ginger Gee · HYPOCRISY, DOUBLE STANDARDS
UnAmerican tRump Republikkkan Fascists Truth Hurts, Equality, Politicians, Feminism, Feelings, People
NRA + the Republikkkan puppet politicians.
Surprised that Alabama is defending Pedophile Moore... Southern Republikkkan behavior!!
Tomi Lahren, Republikkkan Snowflake who is just another whining Republikkkan Hypocrite Piglet. Lanie Spears · Liberal Double Standard
Says the tRump Republikkkan party using Voter suppression, Gerrymandering, Voter purging and outright Voter
tRump's Republikkkan party of Rapists and pedophiles!
RESIST and PROTEST Trump and the Hate Group called Republicans at All Cost. #notmypresident | Resist | Pinterest | Politics, Protest signs and Quotes
Republikkkan party of women assaulting Rapists and pedophiles!
WTF happened to Lindsey Graham?!?
tRump incites the uncivilized unAmerican hatemongers to do his bidding. sad, the Republikkkan Fascists haven't caught on.
Low standards are the secret to happiness Best Love Quotes, Favorite Quotes, Life Quotes
Excuse Me, Pres. Ros. you modestly neglected to say that you secretly allowed 6 million people to perish.
Pro Choice, Family Values, Republican Party, Political Views, Trump Jesus, Mittens
Double Standards, Poisons, Republican Party, Political Views, True True, Cheating, Human Rights, American History, Donald Trump
This is why Obama essentially ignored anything Republicans had to say. on the whole, they and their pronouncements were a load of BS.
This went on for eight years doing President Obama's presidency, now all of sudden republicans/conservatives want everyone to get over it, accept trump won ...
"Funny, where are all the "pro-life" people now? You
So true to the majority of religious people 😢 Cognitive Dissonance, Religious People, Stupid
Political Quotes, Political Cartoons, Political Satire, Donald Trump, Obama, Cartoon Memes
The level of incompetence is staggering.
tRump + the Republikkkan Fascist Warmongering scum!
Patriarchy, Double Standards, Supreme Court, Girl Power, Lady Power, Social Justice
smh at tRump and Republikkkans
Republikkkan moocher sponging from Taxpayers
This was the Religious Republikkkans test. they FAILED!
Another WhiteSupremist Hatemonger... disgusting AnnCoulter!! AND THIS IS WHY PEOPLE CALL
NO, bad for tRump the Chump UnAmerican tRump Republikkkan Fascism!
Rejecting Republicans
Republikkkan Fascist Thieves STEALING from Americans!!!! Political Views, 2016 Presidential Election
Republikkkans Willful Enabling of WhiteSupremist Terrorists!
Women's Rights, Human Rights, Equality, Facts, Toms River, Double Standards, People, Words, Sayings
Thank you, Reverend John Pavlovitz. It's nice to know there's a few decent Christians
With the LOSSES OF LIFE AND PROPERTY - how can anyone still believe his BS?
tell me about Well, honey, people were upset about a woman's email so we let Nazis take over. Vile Crooked Pervert Trump and Republikkkan Fascists
This Envious, Hateful SOB cant stand the fact that every single Living Former President,
Uncivilized Hatemongering tRump Republikkkan Fascists!! Cory Booker, People People, Stupid People,
Trump Pence, Politicians, American Standard, Equal Rights, Acting, Bullshit, Stupid
Republicans are just two faced fraudsters. Caricatures, Republican Party, Political Views, Presidental
What an Ugly man...Inside and Out. Political Satire, Political Views
What do you suppose The Trumpers and Republicans would say if we had to pay MILLIONS
tRump Republikkkans stealing Americans right to seek affordable medications!
Reality of tRump's party of Republikkkan Rapists + pedophiles!
Picture of Michelle Obama. “That face you make when Republicans in years slamming you for wearing sleeveless dresses and”not being classy” but are now ...
This really hits home!
Our president Trump, commemorating 9/11 with double fist pump like a stoner at a Journey concert who just heard the first few bars of "Wheel in the Sky."
Reality of the UnAmerican Fake Christian tRump Republikkkan Fascists. where Rich Moochers fleece Working Taxpayers for their Greed!
Did you know Christians have been doing the same thing? At least the Clintons will
Crawl back into your Dystopian dysfunction. Paranoid and schizophrenic.
UnAmerican tRump Republikkkan Traitors!!! Politicians, Bullshit, Dumb And Dumber, Stupid
I puke at being one of Trump's “great seniors” Yuk. Specially when he
Trickle down economics NEVER worked. Rich Republikkkans like Trump are laughing all the way to the Bank as they stick it to Working Americans!
Hoodlum 🇺🇸 on
Trump Pence, Caricatures, Political Satire Cartoons, Political Comedy, Evil Empire, Right
Under the weight of all their heavy double standards
Me Duele, Republican Gop, Jill Stein, Double Standards, Cheetos, Status Quo, Quotes, Pissed, Strong Women
Because Vanessa is darker skinned Trump Meme, Black History, Vanessa Williams, Political Views
Stephen Miller is a Nazi.
The New Avenger - My people, look what I found.
Donald Trump 2017 Nuclear War, Political Cartoons, Political Memes, Political Views, Morning
tRump and his complicit Republikkkan Hatemongers! Political Art, Political Cartoons, Trump Cartoons,
tRump's Republikkkan tax giveaway to rich moochers... while fleecing American's! Political Cartoons
Equality, Double Standards, Cheetos, Zombie Apocalypse, Pay Attention, Truths, Conversation
This is what happens when you elect a moron racist! Won't
... Cultural Appropriation came to mind. I believe this picture sums it up pretty well. I believe Cultural Appropriation is the ultimate double standard.
President Hate-monger must be SO Proud! United States added to list of most dangerous countries for journalists for first time At least 63 professional ...
Worst president ever! We have to put and end to his shit soon! IMPEACH
This is an embarrassing night for America. We've let a hatemonger lead our
Trump takes credit for things he had no connection. The constant need for praise is
I could just vomit! We The People, Horrible People, Republican Party, Politicians
We pray this Truth overcomes the deciept and lies from trump.
What about the children that are already here that don't have food, water
He's not the only crooked Chief Justice. There are 4 others with questionable motives for
Republikkkan Criminals and Thieves!
Republikkkan Fascist party
Managing director of Larrikin Music Norman Lurie poses with a guitar signed by Tom Petty at his office in Sydney, following a landmark copy…
Feminist News
Republikkkan stance is antiDemocracy. it's pro RICH+ Corporate Oligarchy!
Well, this isn't going at all the way that Ditch McConnell had planned
That's exactly what I'm gonna do from now on