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Della and GladysNorma Jeanes Grandmother Della and
Della and Gladys------Norma Jeane's Grandmother Della and Mother Gladys with her half brother Hermitt Jack and sister Berniece Baker - ta…
Norma Jean saw her Ida-bolender-avec-marilyn-monroe-et-ben
Norma Jeane with her grandmother, Della Monroe, on the day of her baptism in December 1926. On Monday, December 6th, Della and Ida Bolender, Norma Jeane's ...
She attacked a friend with a knife and was forcibly hospitalized in the same institution where Della had died. Norma Jeane saw Gladys sporadically over the ...
Marilyn Monroe Photo Gallery: Norma Jeane Baker around the age of 3, with her
Marilyn Monroe - Norma Jeane - 1926 - with mother Gladys
Norma Jeane's grandmother, Della Hogan Monroe, From the collection of Eleanor Goddard.
Norma Jeane's mother, who most often used the name Gladys Baker, placed the infant Norma Jeane in the care of Ida and Wayne Bolender of Hawthorne, ...
Rare photo of Norma Jeane with her mother, Gladys and her half-sister,
1926 Norma Jeane and Gladys Norma Jean Marilyn Monroe, Glitter, Actresses, Celebrity,
There was talk of other potential fathers, colleagues of Gladys at the Consolidated Film Industries
Norma Jeane, sa tante Ana Lower & des amis 1939 Marilyn Monroe and One of Her Foster Families Seated behind the Norma Jeane in this 1938 photo is Ana Lower, ...
Norma Jeane Baker (née Mortensen) at 13 years old with her beloved "Aunt" Ana Lower. This family friend would introduce her to Christian Science and was ...
1933 Norma Jeane et Gladys - Divine Marilyn Monroe Howard Hughes, Columbia, Young Marilyn
Marilyn Monroe's mother, Gladys Pearl Baker, c. 1926, with her mother Della and a baby boy, possibly her nephew John Jack Monroe.
Birth Name: Norma Jeane Mortenson. Known as: Norma Jeane Baker. Mother: Gladys Baker (previously Mortenson). On June 13, 1926 Norma Jeane's mother Gladys ...
Jenny /Jennie Nance, Della Mae, and Tilford Marion Hogan (Marilyn's great-
The miserable woman that gave birth to Norma Jeane, Gladys Pearl Baker was born on
MM - 1928_nj_beach_02_2a □ >> Gladys et Norma Jeane Marilyn Monroe Photos,
Norma Jeane's Mother Gladys Marilyn Monroe Photos, Norma Jean, Diva, Beautiful Women,
1 st photo ~ Maternal grandmother Della Hogan holding her new grandaughter Norma Jeane. ~ 2nd Photo ~ Grandmother Della (left) & her sister Myrtle circa ...
Photo of Jim Doughter & Norma Jeane at an industry ball in 1941. Jim Dougherty's
Wallpaper and background photos of Marilyn's mother, Gladys, aged 13 for fans of Marilyn Monroe images.
Marilyn Monroe Biography
Marilyn Monroe - @classiquecom Marilyn Monroe, Steve Mcqueen, Mafia, Norma Jeane,
A young Norma Jean Baker in the early 1940s. Many a Penny Pentecostal would still be rocking this same suit style well into the Carter Administration.
Norma Jeane and her mother Gladys on Long Island Beach 1928 Norma Jeane caught Whooping Cough
Norma Jeane at Santa Monica beach, California with her mother. - nj_beach_02_1a
Norma Jeane (Marilyn Monroe) with her maternal grandmother Della Mae Hogan Monroe
Birth certificate of Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jeane Mortensen on 1926.
Norma Jean in Santa Catalina. Beautiful as Norma Jeane, beautiful as Marilyn. Santa
Norma Jeane's mother, Gladys Pearl Baker, c. 1925.
Unable to persuade Della to take Norma Jeane, Gladys placed her with foster parents Albert
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe
"Marilyn Monroe" was born as Norma
Norma Jeane's baptism in Dec On Monday, December Ida Bolender and Della Monroe baptized Norma Jeane at the temple of Sister Aimee Semple MacPherson, ...
Berniece, Norma Jeane, Gladys & Mona ~ 3 generations at Santa Monica Beach 1946
baby Norma Jeane She was Born JUNE 1, 1926 *MARYLIN ~ was born in
Marilyn Monroe: Private and Undisclosed
8 Norma ...
Parents and Childhood
Marilyn Monroe - in pictures
Birth Name: Norma Jeane Mortenson
Behind-the-Scenes of Marilyn Monroe's Iconic Flying Skirt (PHOTOS)
Marilyn Monroe Norman Jeane Avalon Catalina, Los Angeles, California Usa, Catalina California,
Della Mae, Marilyn Monroe's grandmother.
Far from perfect: Paul Newman was often drunk
... norma-jeane-paradise-cove-andre-de-dienes_oct-1945_06
Rebecca Esther Hogan with daughter Karen Fritz. Rebecca is Gladys's cousin. Della Mae Hogan
Birth of Charlotte Virginia Nance (Hogan/Sellars)
1st photo ~ Della, Jackie & Gladys holding infant Berniece ~ 2nd photo ~ Gladys, holding Berniece. Her brother Marion Monroe is holding Jackie.
Monroe s maternal grandparents were Otis Elmer Monroe and Della Mae Hogan.
Berniece, Norma Jeane, Gladys & Mona ~ 3 generations at Santa Monica Beach 1946
Marilyn Monroe Genealogy 1885 Census Courtesy Ancestry.com
Birth of Tilford Marion Hogan
Steven Wood Collins's Blog: The Writing of Steven Wood Collins - Author of "Puramore - The Lute of Pythagoras" - The Patricians*: Norma Jeane 'Marilyn ...
The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe
6 Many biographers ...
98eb63e9b815391aee118febeb958768 3446e58437d1cd7c268814e0709f5aa6 norma- jeane-pacific-coast-highway-andre-de-dienes_oct- ...
Steven Wood Collins's Blog: The Writing of Steven Wood Collins - Author of "Puramore - The Lute of Pythagoras" - The Patricians*: Norma Jeane 'Marilyn ...
13 days New Born baby girl- NORMA JEANE
Irish Marilyn Monroe Fan Club
Gladys Monroe Birth Registry Courtesy Ancestry.com
Norma Jeane with Andre de Dienes
Gladys Monroe Birth Registry Courtesy Ancestry.com
Getty Images. In September 1939, Norma Jeane ...
'The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe' Reveals What Really Haunted Norma Jeane. '
Monroecirca1953.jpg. Monroe in 1953. Born. Norma Jeane Mortenson
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn: The Passion and the Paradox
Eleanor ...
She is wearing a black dress and stands in a
Paul McCartney, right rear, and his wife, Linda, pose with members of
Marilyn Monroe - I wanna be loved by you - 1962-08-05 Now
245250_0 245251_0
Here is a family photo of Scott (on the right) with his brother and the rest of his family during the 1980's.
Edna May Bradford
Marilyn Monroe
... 2-2Norma-Jeane-as-a-child
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My Sister Marilyn: A Memoir of Marilyn Monroe: Berniece Baker Miracle, Mona Rae Miracle: 9781565120709: Amazon.com: Books
Demi Moore
PROBATE RECORD for CHARLOTTE VIRGINIA (Jennie) NANCE. Virginia married Frank SELLARS after Tilford Marion Hogan. William Marion Hogan is listed as WILLIAM ...
Marilyn Monroe: The Final Years
Marie 'Gladys' Smith Souk
Marilyn Monroe: The Final Years
Crypt 33: The Saga of Marilyn Monroe: The Last Word