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Cute ou and ow story Word WorkPhonics
Cute /ou/ and /ow/ story | Word Work/Phonics | Pinterest | Phonics, Kindergarten reading and First grade reading.
OW and OU Words | The One for Teaching | Pinterest | Words, Phonics and Ou words
Ou sound
Activity perfect for centers: ow & ou, spelling practice, word work, or independent work time. Students are able to practice identifying, writ.
OU OW Diphthongs from WingedOne on TeachersNotebook.com - (14 pages) - OU / OW Diphthongs "Ouch" Bandage Word Sort and Story Paper
ou/ow Word Building Eggs
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Diphthongs: ow/ou and oi/oy Diphthongs Phonics Poetry
Freebie ow/ou First Grade Reading, First Grade Classroom, Word Study, Word
The pack contains 5 activities you can use to practice words with OU and OW sounds~~Read the room~~Word sorts~~OUCH! Game~~scoot~~word .
Used the contraction surgeon as a doctor to teach "ow" and "ou" words. Wrote our…
OW and OU Word Study Unit: Activities and Printables!
"Band aid words" are the words that have the ou or ow sound.
Long Vowel and Dipthong Reading Passages are perfect for practicing comprehension, fluency and phonics all
Find and Color (phonics practice: ou and ow words)
Spelling words from Pearson Reading Street, Unit 5.1, /ou/ spelled ow. Phonics -ow-, word work, writing sentences
Teaching words with the ow sound: Fun phonics lesson for kindergarten or first grade. Craft to teach the 2 ow sounds: flower and bow.
-ou and -ow Word Work - Write the room with these spelling patterns.
ow / ou Activities
Ou Ow Word Sorting First Grade Reading, Kids Reading, Reading Skills, Guided Reading
"ow" and "ou" printable: https://docs.google
Diphthongs au and aw - Free Phonics Worksheet Phonics Lesson Plans, Phonics Lessons, Phonics
6 poems for teaching diphthongs ow/ou and oi/oy. #diphthongs #phonicspoems #diphthongpoems
Your students can practice reading/spelling words with the ou/ow sound in this fun game! Place cards in a jar and pass around. Students must read/s.
OU and OW word work printables Phonics Activities, Educational Activities, Time Activities, Kindergarten
Diphthong Word Work Bundle
Diphthongs OW & OU ~ Activity Pack Learning The Alphabet, Letter Sounds, Literacy Centers
/ow/ and /ou/ word sort
OW Phonics Sound Lesson Story
PHONICS Focus {OU & OW} DiphthongsYour class will be ready explore the galaxy
Bossy R: er, ir, ur, ar, or
Row your Boat oa/ow anchor chart
The Primary Techie: Fun with OU and OW, Ideas for learning new sounds
Print out short stories and have child highlight diphthongs, blends, etc. you are working on.
ow/ou words Spelling Activities, Classroom Activities, Reading Activities, Classroom Ideas,
Farm theme for Click Clack Moo - oi/oy words
Word Work Ideas using Phonics Posters
aw au worksheet | Word Work: aw, au | Pinterest | Phonics, Classroom and Science
FREE ou, ow diphthong word sort! Vowel Worksheets, Word Work Activities, Word
Diphthongs Oi and Oy Worksheets | St. Patrick's Day Diphthong oi, oy Word Sort
OU and OW - Clowning Around With Words
FREE Secret Stories® Phonics Secret ER IR UR
Word Ladders: Diphthongs (1st and 2nd grade)
FREE ou / ow Phonics Worksheets
super /ir/ /er/ /ur/ girl r controlled words
word wall! while the kids are reading/writing if they find a cow or mouse word they can write it up on the wall--other animals? ow and ou word ...
Use phonics posters and charts for word work. Copy the posters four to a page
Great tips and activities for providing engaging activities for successful Word Family Instruction in your classroom
Word Work / Phonics / Spelling Unit
Diphthongs ou and ow: Everything you need for word work and teach ou and ow
Students read the passage with "ph" words and illustrate it.
ow/ou dipthong + "Clowning Around" creative writing
Patriotic Diphthongs Word Sort (ou, ow, oddballs) from Primary Reading Party on TeachersNotebook.com (4 pages)
Sheep in a Jeep-long e words-morning message idea Life in First Grade: Reading Street. Good to help them realize that "ee" and "ea" both make the long e ...
ow and ou word activities Word Work Activities, Spelling Activities, Literacy Activities, Educational
OU and OW Word Work Phonics Dance, 2nd Grade Writing, Kindergarten Reading, My
Free Word Sort ou, ow Word Work Activities, Phonics Activities, Reading Activities,
Short e Word Work | 1st grade 16-17 | Pinterest | Word work, Phonics and First grade words
Reading Comprehension Passages ~ Short Vowels
This is a short rhyming story about a Pirate Bird. Students can closely read to
... Vowel Teams Word Work Phonics OW and OU Word Sort Dollar Deal
CVC Words | Secret CVC Word MatsThese CVC Word Mats make a great literacy center and
First Grade Wow: Froot Loops OO word Work
This is a fun, cute way to teach /qu/. The darling peanut butter and jelly clipart will get your kiddos to remember they stick together Included.
Looking for some rhyming games and activities? Check out this post for 5 ideas and
OW and OA Poem / Song
11 different word work activities for guided reading or small group. Also, great for
Vowel Teams: oo, ou, ew, ue
ou/ow clowns, adorable! @tunnell's tidal waves First Grade Phonics, First
Phonics: ay/ ai activities- includes a poem that students read and hunt for long "a" words, a word sort, and "spell it" activity
Debbie's Resource Cupboard: Letters and sounds phase 5 ...
Secret Stories® Phonics — The "ou/ow" ...
Long i Word Work Games and Activities | School | Pinterest | Word work, Phonics and Word work games
Ou ow clown sort.pdf
Long e {ee, ea} word work. Read the sentences and highlight the long e words. Read the long e words to two classmates.
The Letter People - The OW/OU Sounds. Word WorkPhonicsLanguage ...
flipping for phonics flip books Daily 5 Reading, Reading Groups, Teaching Reading, Reading
First Grade Wow: The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything! Not even nouns! :) Wonders first grade unit 2 week 1. Tracy Peterman · Word work/phonics
Write the Room - Diphthong ue, ew, ui, oo, ou
This set of 10 vowel digraph (teams) word sorts are the perfect engaging activity for students learning the different vowel spelling patterns. Thi.
ou ow - Bing Videos. Word WorkPhonicsWord ...
... Phonics Level 2 Unit 14: ou, ow, and trick words
FREE ou / ow Phonics Printables (No Prep)
ow and ou first aid guide...cute book First Grade Phonics, Kindergarten
-ow & -ou word study anchor chart
Dipthongs: ou, ow, oi, oy board game
Free long a/silent e story | Kindergarten centers | Phonics, First grade, Silent e
... Phonics Level 2 unit 14 Resource- ou, ow and trick words
Funnybones vowel digraph prompts
Ou Ow words Phonics Blends, Vowel Digraphs, Cute Words, Spelling Games, Word
FREE artwork Download too - words with OU and OW Classroom Language, Teaching Language Arts
Go on a word hunt with this fun worksheet! Your kids highlight words with the
About Katie Garner: Keynote Education Speaker & Literacy Expert | SecondGradeSquad.com | Phonics, Teaching, Classroom
bandaids for ou/ow words
Long e Word Work Activities ee ea Words. $ Activities to practice and reinforce long vowel phonics skills.
This activitiy allows students to practice sorting words with ou and ow. Includes cover/directions page, 2 sorting mats, 36 word cards, and workshe.
Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade Tidbits: Magic E
ow/ou The Clown in the House shared reading Teaching Phonics, Student Teaching,
I Have, Who Has - Long "o" - oe, o_e, oa, ow
Word work · "