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Caucasian kindjal 19th century steel silver enamel L
Caucasian kindjal, 19th century, steel, silver, enamel, L. with sheath 21 5/8 in. (54.9 cm); L. without sheath 20 1/2 in. (52.1 cm); L. of blade 15 1/2 in.
Caucasian kindjal, 19th century,steel, silver, enamel, L. with sheath 21 5/8 in. (54.9 cm); L. without sheath 20 1/2 in. (52.1 cm); L. of blade 15 1/2 in.
A nielloed silver-mounted kindjal/'kama' (dagger). Late-Ottoman era, 19th century.
Ornate Caucasian kindjal
Сохранённые фотографии – 5 343 фотографии
Indian kard dagger, 18th to 19th century, steel, jade, gold, ruby, leather, silver, H. with sheath 15 9/16 in. (39.5 cm); H. without sheath 13 15/16 in.
1800, steel, agate, gold, wood,
Persian dagger, 19th century, steel, silver, gold, L. with sheath
Dagger (Kindjal) with Sheath. Culture: Caucasian. Dimensions: L. with sheath 21 5/8 in. (54.9 cm); L. without sheath 20 1/2 in. (52.1 cm); L. of blade 15 ...
Indo-Persian qama (double edged straight dagger), 19th century, Edward C. Moore Collection, Bequest of Edward C. Moore, 1891. Metropolitan Museum of Art, ...
Dagger with Sheath
Cretan dagger, 18th century, steel, ivory, silver, carnelian, ruby,
Indian kard twin daggers, 18th to 19th century, steel, silver, ivory, velvet, wood, L. with sheath 10 1/4 in. (26 cm); L. without sheath 8 9/16 in.
dagger. Turns into a skull bracelet when not needed (a gift from my dad
Dagger with Sheath, 19th century. Turkish. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Giulia P. Morosini, in memory of her father, ...
19th c. Russian Kindjal Dagger Nice example of a Russian Kindjal Dagger.. Bone
Indian dagger, 18th century, steel, jade, silver, H. 13 13/16 in. (35.1 cm); H. of blade 9 in. (22.9 cm); W. 2 13/16 in. (7.1 cm); Wt. 13.1 oz.
Date: 19th century; Culture: Caucasian, Cossack; Medium: Steel, leather, wood, silver; Dimensions: H. with sheath 17 13/16 in.
Circassian / Caucasian helmet, 18th to 19th century, steel, silver, copper alloy
Various Ottoman daggers - 18th - 19th century.
Piha-Kaetta Dagger Dated: century Place of Origin: Sri Lanka Medium: steel, silver, copper, black coral, wood Measurements: long .
Knife and sheath. 18th century. India. Silver-gilt, enameled and set
Кинжал кавказский сувенирный (Россия) купить за 2500 руб в антикварном магазине Землянка
a dagger for when the mana runs out, Europe, 15th century | BLADES | Sword, Weapons, Swords, daggers
Indian pesh-kabz, 18th to 19th century, jade, steel, silver,
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19th c. Russian Kindjal Dagger Nice example of a Russian Kindjal Dagger in new presentation case. Bone grips with Gold kofgari decorated button mounts.
Indian hooded katar, with prominent peacocks, yali's (leogryphs) and fish, 17th to 18th century, European blade. Dimensions: L. 18 9/16 in.
A scarce Phurbu provenance: Tibet dating: last quarter of the 19th Century description:
Indian dagger, 1605 to 1627, steel, gold, rubies, emeralds, wood
An entry from Chimney Smoke
Date:19th century Culture:Caucasian Medium:Steel, leather, gold Dimensions:
Dagger with Knife and Awl - Germany, 1530-1540 - Staatliche Kunstammlungen Dresden
Persian scimitar / saif, 17th century, damascus steel, leather, L. 39 1/4 in. (99.695 cm), Met Museum.
Caucasian (possibly Kubachi, Dagestan) kindjal, dated A.H. 1234/A.D 1818–19, steel, wood, silver, niello, Length, 22 in. (55.88 cm), Met Museum.
A Caucasian silver and niello shashka and a Caucasian silver and niello kinjal - BOTH WITH
Coronation sword and scabbard of the Kings of France Also known as: “La Joyeuse
Ottoman saber and jarid (javelin) with scabbard, 17th century, steel, silver, niello, wood, leather, length of blade, 23 in. (58.42 cm), Met Museum.
Indian pesh kabz dagger, 19th century, iron, enamel, velvet, H.
Ottoman yatagan / yataghan sword, 19th century, slightly curved blade with an inscription in
Perfect full silver enamel russian damascus knife small dagger
Rare Caucasian Saber Dated: Mid-19th century Measurements: Overall length 83.8 cm Made
Ottoman sword, 1650 to 1700, steel, silver, niello, lapis lazuli, wood, leather, Length 40 3/8 in. (102.54 cm), Met Museum, Bequest of George C. Stone, ...
Antique Russian Kindjal Dagger Cossack Sword Silver 84 EK Stamp Caucasian Knife
Dagger (Khanjar) with Sheath. Date: 18th–19th century. Culture: Indian. Medium: Wood, steel, coral, brass, silver.
Magnificent 19th C. Spanish Ear Dagger in 15th C. Moorish style, Toledo work of Zuloaga type
A beautiful small dagger, Russia 19th century.
Кинжал-кама кавказский с подкинжальчиком (Росcийская империя) купить за 95000 руб в антикварном
Moro Keris Sword Dated: 18th century Culture: Javanese Medium: steel, silver ,
Ottoman bebut kindjal dagger,17in. overall with a thick, heavy, curved blade
Russian weapon treasures from exhibition in Sokolniki
Perfect full silver enamel russian handmade caucasian dagger
Islamic and Indian Art
Caucasian kindjal / qama dagger, early 19th century, steel, silver, niello, gold, L. with sheath 21 in. (53.3 cm); L. without sheath 19 15/16 in.
antique dagger | Tumblr
A principios del siglo 19. Francés (Dieppe). Marfil, rubí, diamante, acero (dorado), y el oro esmaltado.
Kindjal, last quarter of the 19th c, straight blade with deep asymmetrical grooves,
Dagger Italy, 1560 The Victoria & Albert Museum Small Sword, Dagger Knife,
17th century Ottoman karabela yatagan.
Indian pesh-kabz dagger, 18th to 19th century, steel, crystal, silver, enamel, velvet, wood, L. with sheath 18 13/16 in. (47.8 cm); L. of blade 11 …
A very fine Kubachi kindjal provenance: Daghestan dating: last quarter of the 19th Century
18th Century, Swords, Sword
Gold Gilt Kindjal Dagger • Dated: 20th century • Culture: Russian • Place of Origin: Europe This rare Russian Kindjal dagger is covered in gold gilt with ...
Knife & Sheath | Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1917 Cold Steel, Historia
A qafqaz or Circassian qama - 19th century. قامة قفقازية او شركسية من القرن الثالث عشر الهجري
Arabian jambiya, 19th century, steel, ivory, gold, wood, glass, H. 12 1/16 in. (30.6 cm); W. 1 13/16 in. (4.6 cm); Wt. 8.4 oz. (238.1 g). Met Museu…
AN OTTOMAN GEM-SET DAGGER AND SCABBARD, TURKEY, 18TH/19TH CENTURY comprising a curved watered steel blade formed with central ridge, the waisted hilt with ...
Perfect full silver enamel russian handmade caucasian dagger
A navy officer's dagger, dating: second quarter of the 20th Century provenance: Yugoslavia
Armenian kindjal dagger, late 19th century. (The Russian Museum of Ethnography, St.Petersburg).
Late 15thC
A honor axe provenance: Germany dating: 19th Century Swords And Daggers, Knives And
Indian (south) jambiya, 19th century, steel, horn, velvet, wood
Caucasian (possibly Kubachi, Dagestan) kindjal, dated A.H. 1234/A.D 1818–
Caucasian / Circassian kindjal dagger. Кавказский кинжал.
“Heroic Style” Silver Mounted Dagger. Dated: 19th century. Culture: European
Caucasian Dagger Georgian Kindjal Kinjal Silver Knife Sword Qama
18th c Murdoch pistol, converted to percussion in the 19th c Black Powder Guns,
PERIOD: 17th century. Mughal dynasty (1526-1858 A.D). | Louvre Museum
A MUGHAL ROCK-CRYSTAL WATERED-hilt dagger mughal india.. 18th century.
Ottoman shashka, probably Circassian craftsmanship, horn grips with large nielloed silver sun, early
flintlock pistol | caucasian weapon | Pinterest | Flintlock pistol, Weapons and Arms
Kindjal Dagger Dated: 3rd quarter 19th century Culture: Russian Medium: steel, walrus
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[Silver Egyptian Athame | Arcane Attic] A slender Egyptian double-edged stainless steel
Islamic and Oriental Arms and Armour. Page 294 - Caucasian kindjal ...
Modern Kubachi Kindjals Mortal Instruments, Swords, Antique Silver, Belts, Childhood, The
Persian jambiya.
19th Century Arabian Jambiya Dagger Swords And Daggers, Knives And Swords, Dagger Knife,
Dagger (Jambiya) Date: 19th century Culture: Persian Medium: Steel, crystal, gold
Katar Dagger with Sheath Dated: 19th century Culture:.
Scottish, Lowlands Ballock Dagger, early 17th century Ivy root, iron, copper L